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Fortune Management - Proudly delivering 25 years of dental practice management coaching excellence. Our team approach takes your team and practice to the future…faster!

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Powerful Practice
Powerful Practice Vol. 4
Eric Kapral's latest book for successfully managing your practice.

Dental Practice Management Sacramento

Delivering Innovative Practice Management Strategies and Solutions.

As an experienced professional in managing businesses and health practices, Eric Kapral is an expert in leadership development and practice management. With a history of success as an Executive Coach for Fortune Management, Eric is now ranked among the very best specialists in bringing success to dental practices.

Eric Kapral is committed to efficiency and personal fulfillment. With his background, you can expect more efficient operations, improved staff growth, increased satisfaction, and expanded profits.

He delivers his services in a customized manner according to the specifications and needs unique to your practice. If you and your practice are looking to take the next step in growth, then Dental Practice Management Expert Eric Kapral is your solution!



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Industry-certified coach Eric Kapral has over 20 years experience in leadership development, group training, public speaking and coaching. His combination of individual and group training invigorates and empowers dental practices to all encompassing team and owner success. Eric is the Directing Partner of Fortune Management Sacramento, and serves throughout Northern CA.
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