N umerous dentists not only struggle, but are at a loss in attempting to understand the problems that prevent their practices from attaining permanent success. Whether you have established a new practice or have been operating for years, it can be difficult to manage a struggling office. Eric Kapral is a dental consultant based in Sacramento who can help you avoid the pitfalls and launch your practice into a new era of success. Eric is a Fortune Management Executive who has worked with leading practices around the nation for 20 years.

He is a natural leader who has consistently helped his partners excel through dental coaching and practice management programs. His approach to the field emphasizes innovation, personal fulfillment, education, and emotional growth.

Experienced Dentist

Dental Consulting Programs

  • Financial
  • Hygiene
  • Practice Assist
  • Dental Practice Start-Up
  • Dental Practice Acquisition
  • Partnerships
  • Retirement and Exit Strategies

Through the decades of consulting services we have provided to practices, we distinguish ourselves from other firms by focusing on the micro factors that contribute to success. We work with doctors in building an environment that supports the individual needs of the staff and renews their dedication to achieving measurable goals.