Dental Practice Management of Sacramento places a focus on personal, technical, department and program training. We explore a diverse set of variables that have input into the success of your practice.

During the first phase, the abstract factors of success are examined. Personal and practice values, management and leadership skills, and interpersonal communication are accounted for in determining the coaching engagement style for your practice.

The second phase centers on establishing clear and measureable objectives. As your practice coach, Eric Kapral fully commits to helping you define your goals, establish your plans, develop a support structure, monitor results, and continuously refine the strategies needed to meet your various intended outcomes.

His expertise in teaching emotional intelligence, promoting awareness, and focusing his clients is his strength. Having been an innovative partner for a number of clients, he will be your guide to establishing a clear path towards your objectives. His focus on emotions has been critical in helping clients experience success.

Dental Programs

With Eric Kapral as your guide, you can expect a more innovation-fostering environment, positive atmosphere, balanced organization, and open setting for staff empowerment. Coaching is offered regularly, both in-house and over the phone.

The unique needs of your practice are consistently considered in his approach. Whether you are seeking more loyal customers, improved operations, better team culture, or financial results, you can be certain Eric Kapral will integrate his coaching style to your specific situation.

Our Program Includes the Following

  • Comprehensive Practice Analysis and Opportunity Assessment of your practice
  • Vision building/office agreements
  • In-office visits including team meetings, workshops and team training
  • Regular coaching calls
  • Recare program instruction
  • Leadership, management and communication skills coaching for the doctor
  • Installation, training and review of cloud-based monitoring system
  • Personalized Human Resource Opportunity
  • Annual Business Plan including time-lines and strategies for success
  • Hygiene Department support
  • DISC personality profile testing/training
  • Internal marketing campaigns: Creating the WOW experience
  • External marketing guidance
  • Financial policy/financial arrangements
  • Staff recruiting, interviewing, training and job descriptions
  • Set-up of patient acknowledgement programs

And much, much more!

It is Eric’s commitment to you and your team that he will do whatever it takes as your coach to move you toward building an extraordinary practice.