Extraordinary Practice. Extraordinary Life.

Are You Ready for 2018?

Questions to Ask Yourself…

  • Where is my practice at now?
  • How did I get here?
  • Where do I want to go and do I have a plan to get there?
  • Do I have a team driven practice?
  • Is patient care and profitability every team member’s concern?

Dental Office

Fortune Management can help with the strategies needed to take you and your team to the next level.

Our Complete Coaching Program Features:

  • Comprehensive Practice Analysis and Opportunity Assessment of your practice
  • Vision building / office agreements
  • In-office visits including team meetings, workshops, and team training
  • Regular coaching calls
  • Recall program instruction
  • Leadership, management, and communication skills coaching for the doctor
  • Installation, training, review of office monitoring systems
  • Personalized Human Resource Opportunity
  • Annual Business Plan including timelines and strategies for success
  • Hygiene Department support
  • DISC personality profile testing / training
  • Internal marketing campaign: Creating the WOW experience
  • External marketing guidance
  • Financial policy / financial arrangements
  • Staff recruiting, interviewing, training, and job descriptions
  • Setup of patient acknowledgement programs

And much, much more!

It is our commitment to you and your team that we will do whatever it takes as your coach to move you toward your Extraordinary Practice, Extraordinary Life.