The following speaker services are available to dental practices and dental organizations:

Building the Unstoppable Team

This seminar discusses the vision of the practice and how the team can support it.
Attend this course and participants will learn:

  • How to establish operating principles that serve the shared vision
  • Essential traits of high performing dental teams
  • How to empower the team to become ‘owners’ in the practice vision
  • How to reduce stress in the office and bring the fun back into dental
  • How to reward employees

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What Clients Want

This seminar will deliver a wide range of innovative marketing and sales strategies.

Attend this course and participants will learn:

  • The distinction between commodities and selling
  • How to discover what your clients truly want from your services
  • How to build a powerful and unforgettable brand for the practice, and effectively market to attract the clients you really want
  • What you MUST do to draw attention to your practice
  • Today’s best strategies for getting the message heard

Marketing for Peak Practices

This course presents an unprecedented opportunity to gain information, solutions, and tools that are being used by the top dental practices. This is your chance to find out what smart offices are doing to bolster new client flow and production!

Participants will learn how to:

  • Attract a lot of new clients and get them to say ‘yes’ more often
  • Create an experience clients have never had, and will never give up!
  • Revitalize the existing client base and get more clients back in

Achieving Practice Greatness

This course addresses how to maximize each business system in the dental practice, including an in-depth look into the areas of scheduling, accounts receivable, lines of accountability for impeccable office management, and much, much more!

Participants will learn how to:

  • Create brand loyalty with your clients
  • Develop instant rapport with every client
  • Ignite explosive practice growth
  • Maximize the 5 engines that drive your practice

Elegant Patient Communication

This program presents metaprogram technology that allows participants to easily determine a client’s decision-making criteria, therefore making case acceptance an effortless experience.

Course highlights include:

  • How to quote fees with conviction
  • How to handle common objectives to treatment acceptance
  • Types of questions you must ask every client
  • Case presentation styles for Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic clients
  • The 5 steps of enrollment

Creating the “WOW” Experience

Do you know the five ways your clients judge your clinical skills? The answer will surprise you!

Participants will learn:

  • Internal marketing
  • Competition strategies
  • Creating a wow client experience
  • The simple, small things that create the most impact – incredible client loyalty

Advanced Business and Leadership Skills

An advanced business course for practice owners, this course includes everything you need to know about being a successful leader in the practice.

Participants in this course will learn:

  • Secrets to motivating employees to provide outstanding service
  • 10 critical skills of every successful leader
  • How to foster cooperation in the workplace
  • The language of leaders
  • Fresh strategies for building team spirit and unity

Even More Additional Seminars, Including:

  • The Success Secrets of the Million Dollar Plus Practices
  • The CEO Mentality
  • The Forces of Business Mastery
  • Practice Management
  • Breakthrough Dental Marketing: “Winning Strategies for the New Economy”

To inquire about speaking services, fees, and scheduling, please contact Eric.

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Director & Executive Coach

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