What They’re Saying

“Our dental office in Northern California has been in place for 40 years and has been through several practice management consultant firms. While some of them have helped us to improve, we were not able to keep progressing. With the coaching model of Fortune Management, and our own coach Eric Kapral, we have progressed greatly, in a short time. Through his continuing efforts and coaching, we have been able to increase our growth (up 25+%!) and refine our already good office culture to great! I feel that this is the beginning of a long-term relationship, and that through continuing improvements, we will become the premier dental office in our community! ”

Dr. White

“Eric is an exceptional practice coach, with the right balance of experience, enthusiasm and compassion. I've seen him bring a high level of success to a number of dental practices, and I cannot imagine any dentist who would not benefit both personally and professionally from an association with him.”

Fred Joyal

“I hired Eric to coach my team and became part of the Fortune Management family. I was referred to Eric by my fiance' who is also utilizing Eric's coaching. Both of us have been extremely pleased with his competency and knowledge to coach our teams to even higher levels. ”

Gabrielle RasiDDS

“Eric's coaching has resulted in our whole team focusing our energies in one direction. One of the best things about Eric's coaching is that it has resulted in a 101 01 new business!”

Cindy JohnsonDental Office Manager

“I was familiar with Fortune Management because I attended a seminar in San Diego about 12 years ago. Eric has been working with my office for almost 2 years. I like that we are empowering and encouraging the team to be leaders. When the team goes with an idea, or develops a plan we have much more momentum than when I suggest something myself.”

Kevin TannerDDS